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Hello Doctor(s)!

We are Jamie & Aaron Marshall a dynamic and fun married couple that own Quality of Life Chiropractic Magnolia and Montgomery.  Jamie has been practicing for 12 years as a chiropractor.  With God’s mission on our hearts, we have been focused and working hard to create incredible growth to expand and reach more patients for chiropractic.  To help our communities choose chiropractic first before drugs and surgery.  To teach wellness instead of sick care.

I am looking primarily for two things:

  1. Doctors who may be looking to sell their practices in the next 8 months to a year


  1. Doctors who, for any reason, may be looking to join an incredible practice.

What helps us to stand out and bring added benefit to you is this opportunity is the best residency program to be in and the best business education that you can then take with you or enjoy working within. We are primarily targeting doctors to fill associate positions which lead to clinic director positions at each location.

Why Associate?

  • you love chiropractic patient care, helping your community be on less medication and surgeries, and being a part of a family practice that is serving all ages.

  • you dislike the headaches of hiring, firing, payroll, and/or excessive marketing.
  • You have your degree but can’t spend another quarter of a million to start your own practice.
  • You don’t want to be pushed in to the back corner of someone else’s office renting space.
  • You don’t want to stress over location and buildout with excessive responsibilities

This opportunity provides YOU:

  • An office that is beautiful and is top of the line fully equipped ready to go.
  • An office that has a trained team of chiropractic assistants that follow Integrity Doctors System and share our 6 core values and 13 success principles!
  • An office with access to a coach 2x a month to help ensure your success.
  • An office with access to a mentor doctor to help you navigate practice & work/life balance.
  • An office with three complementary FUN trips with the team to AWESOME Integrity Conferences out of town (3x a year).
  • An office with a successful practice representative who is already trained and will provide the clinic with new patients.
  • An office that uses the Integrity Doctors App to provide tons of resources to learn business and grow your wellness practice to reach the purpose!
  • An office with competitive salary

We are one team through many locations propelling a vital change in healthcare & ensuring Quality of Life Chiropractic as the place to be in our communities! Together, through our culture of participation, hospitality, and integrity we will ensure that 80% of our population are undergoing regular chiropractic wellness care.

If you or someone you know may be interested in learning more, please reach out to us via:

All conversations will be held in strict confidence and courtesy.  Relocation assistance available.

I hope this letter has found you well and thank you for your time.

Aaron Marshall & Jamie Marshall D.C.  (Proud member of TCA and on District 9 Leadership Team)

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Allow us to help improve your quality of life and address your headaches, increase your range of motion, and reduce you body pains. You will