I have been coming to Quality of Life Chiropractic for only 9 visits now and I have had a really great improvement already. Headaches are gone…I had a frozen shoulder caused from a seizure I had, and I have much more movement and less pain already…I was having a lot of head bobbing and constant tremors on the right side of my body…which with every visit has gotten better…I had numbness on the left side of my body and tremors on the right side…Today this is the first time in my adult life I can hold my right wrist and absolutely NO tremors or whatsoever…Yay!!! Thank you…I am 65 the month and have been seeing Chiropractors since I was 21 on and off…sometimes I would go 3 years with out seeing one because I though I was better…I did not know I could ever feel this Great!!!! I even had Foggy Mind…and now I can actually think so much more clearly…even my husband is AMAZED!!!

C. Richardson, Your Content Goes Here

Quality of Life Chiropractic is an amazing place! Extremely talented and constantly researches to be the best for their patients. I highly recommend them for anyone looking at getting out of pain or getting healthier. They helped my kids and …me so much and I could never thank them enough. They are also the type of doctors that call it like it is. They were able to help us get on the road to healthier living and we are so very grateful! Thank you for being a blessing to us.

Melinda S., Your Content Goes Here

All my life I have always seen Chiropractic care as a joke. I didn’t really put much faith in it at all. But recently I came down with a case of ear infection in both ears. I went to my regular Doctor’s office for a 9:45 appointment and did not even get moved to the back till 10:50. It wasn’t till after 11 o’clock that I even saw my Doctor. She took one look in one ear and wrote me prescriptions. I saw the doctor for about 7 minutes at the most. Three days later I was still in incredible pain and only sleeping 2-4 hours a night! My ear infections weren’t clearing up. In act of desperation I had my wife contact Quality of Life Chiropractic. They saw me immediately and spent time examining me and asking questions. You explained to me how the body heals from the inside out and aligning the body helps it heal itself. You gave me an adjustment and within half an hour I was already feeling better. I slept 10 hours that night and the next day my pain was almost all gone. Thank you so much for the extra time you took to talk about what was wrong and explain to me about other health changes I could make. Thank you Dr. J for making me a believer!

Aaron L.

Some months ago I walked into Quality of Life Chiropractic with excruciating pain in my right shoulder that I had lived with previously for months. Hoping that this would be the last stop before orthopedic surgery, I was determined to go through with the whole process they recommended.  I’m so happy I did and I am one of her patients still.  I am now on maintenance and feeling great.  Little did I know I would be 100% pain free, with more energy than I’ve had in a long time, at age 66.  I’m amazed at the results and how good I feel now.  Thank you for your expertise, extraordinary care and wonderful staff at Quality of Life.

Joel H., Your Content Goes Here

In the past 9 years, have been to 6 of the chiropractors in N. Houston. We really like the Doctors at Quality of Life Chiropractic. They do not just adjust you and send you on your way. After the most thorough and comprehensive exam I have ever gotten before from an MD or Chiropractor, they worked very hard to find the reason for my pain and has many different modalities. She was not put off by my skepticism. The owner is a godly woman who’s active in her church and community. She uses AK (muscle testing). She works with acupressure points, full spine adjusting, she has a LEANDER table that does decompression and drop style adjusting. Quality of Life Chiropractic has a therapy area with ice, heat, roller table, TENS (stem), and ultrasound. They will use the activator for those who prefer it. Although her choice is always hands on. The most impressive thing that our family was blown away by was the initial exam includes so much. Our nervous system is complicated and there are many parts to consider with symptoms and such. Out of all the chiropractors I have been to, I can honestly say I have felt better after being a patient of Quality of Life Chiropractic. (That is saying a lot since one guy we went to adjusted our family 3x week for an entire year and our x-rays showed absolutely no improvement and no decrease in pain at the 12th month mark) Dr. Marshall and her staff have also helped me to start on a gluten free diet and start exercising again.

Cyndi D.


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